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Spring Cleaning: Digital and Electronic Waste And Data Destruction Services

As the weather begins to warm up, Data Recycling of New England is pleased to announce that they are committed to helping businesses with their annual spring cleaning of digital and electronic waste and data. Also included: a certificate of complete data destruction for your records. For many businesses, there are often concerns about how [...]

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How To Host An Electronic Recycling Fundraiser

The weather is warming up and it’s time for some Spring Cleaning! At Data Recycling New England we’re happy to host Electronic Waste Fundraisers at your location of choice, which not only help your organization raise funds, but also help the environment! By hosting an Electronic Waste Fundraiser members of your community are given the [...]

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The Importance of Data Destruction Within Financial Institutions

Of the various organizations and institutions that hold the identifying information of their customers or clients, banks and other financial institutions probably have the most sensitive information. Not only do they have their customers’ names, addresses, social security numbers, and phone numbers but they also have their account information (obviously), as well as other identifying [...]

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Reducing Data Theft At Schools

At first glance it may not seem that schools – especially public elementary schools – would necessarily be in grave danger of having sensitive data compromised. After all, the majority of individuals in and out of the building on a daily basis are under the age of 12, don’t have bank accounts, and probably aren’t [...]

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The Importance of Blanking A Hard Drive

At Data Recycling of New England, we take data destruction – including hard drive blanking – seriously. For many individuals and corporations, when a piece of computer equipment is no longer needed and is being upgraded, the most usual course of action is for it to be taken out of commission and put into a [...]

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Corporate Data Destruction and Recycling

Did you know that in some municipalities the instant an item is thrown into a dumpster or trashcan that’s located outside it legally becomes available to whomever is willing to go in and get it? And, of course, whether it’s legal in that area won’t stop someone from going after something they really want – [...]

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