On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

On-site Hard Drive Shredding Is Coming To You! Did you know that many computer users – home and businesses – don’t know that they should destroy their hard drives, much less how to actually do it. In fact, statistics suggest that more than 50% of businesses don’t enlist professionals that can guarantee the proper and [...]

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Data Destruction and Information Privacy Laws

Data Destruction and Information Privacy Laws Did you know that when it comes to information privacy laws the United States is fairly lax? With the European Union implementing GDPR last year it’s never been more prominently highlighted. In fact, in the US, with the exception of a few very specific laws (HIPPA, COPPA, and FACTA) [...]

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Do Your Devices #SparkJoy?

Okay, we know it might be a little bit early to start talking about spring cleaning but for many people “spring cleaning” is a year round thing. And, with the recent release of the Marie Kondo series on Netflix about her much talked-about KonMari Method many folks are getting really into it. But when it [...]

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Cleaning Up Digital Clutter

The New Year usually inspires new behaviors and cleaning up your digital clutter can be a very good way to kick off the new year on a fresh slate. Just as a cluttered desk undermines productivity, so does a cluttered computer desktop – or any other digital device.  Even if you don’t spend your entire [...]

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How To Get More Life Out Of Your Device Battery

At Data Recycling we’re all about what to do with your devices when they no longer work (a battery that's constantly dying, for instance) or you’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest and need to move on. However, there are some instances when a device isn’t quite ready to be put out of commission and needs [...]

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What is Degaussing and Why Doesn’t It Work?

In the past, many people looking to dispose of their electronic data safely and securely have turned to “degaussing,” which is essentially the act of using a powerful, specialized magnet to erase the data on a hard drive until it becomes completely irretrievable. However, as Solid State Drives (SSDs) have become more popular (and to [...]

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How China’s Waste Import Ban Affects US Electronic Waste Recycling

Until January of this year, China received most of the world’s recyclables. In fact, in 2016 alone China accepted 7.3 million metric tons of recycled plastics alone. However, in July 2017 China announced to the World Trade Organization that they would no longer be accepting imports of 24 types of solid waste, including electronic waste, [...]

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Electronic Waste is Piling Up – We Have an Answer

For many people across the country, recycling has become a way of life. In some communities not recycling even comes with fines from the municipality – but even the most gung-ho recyclers may not realize that they’re dropping the ball when it comes to recycling their electronic waste. In many cases, people simply don’t know [...]

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3 Things to Do If You Get a New Electronic Device This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches many people across the country and around the globe may be hoping to receive a shiny new smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And while getting a new device is always exciting, there are some security measures that should be taken when you swap the old for the new to ensure that [...]

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See Hard Drive Shredding In Action

Have you ever wondered what the hard drive shredding process looks like, or how long it takes, or what the end result is (besides completely destroyed data that comes with a Certificate of Data Destruction)? Well, now you can see the process in action. Check out this quick, 30-second video showing the entire process from [...]

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