As the weather begins to warm up, Data Recycling of New England is pleased to announce that they are committed to helping businesses with their annual spring cleaning of digital and electronic waste and data. Also included: a certificate of complete data destruction for your records.

For many businesses, there are often concerns about how to properly dispose of electronic waste, such as old computers and hard drives. In most instances these pieces of equipment end up stored in a closet for years, taking up valuable space or, worse, thrown carelessly in a dumpster to be taken to a local landfill. Even when hard drives have been “deleted,” this does not a guarantee that critical information was completely and securely destroyed.  Additionally, bulky items – which take thousands of years to decompose and leech out harmful chemicals – take up space in landfills and have the potential to cause environmental issues.

Electronic data breaches and identity theft have companies on high alert. According to TC Witherell, president of Data Recycling New England Inc., “Protecting and safeguarding the proper destruction of corporate and client/patient information is more important than ever; consequently, businesses have made this a priority.”

If your business has electronic waste that needs to be properly disposed of, or data that needs to be securely destroyed, Data Recycling will provide free pick-up at your location. However, if you require onsite hard drive shredding at your location, please call or email for details and to obtain a price quote.

By scheduling a Free Electronic pick-up with Data Recycling of New England, your business will be able to dispose of its electronic waste in a way that benefits the environment, while also protecting confidential or proprietary information that may be sitting on old hard drives.

For information and to schedule a pick-up, call (508) 822-2054 or email