Free, Certified Information Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction, too

Data destruction and personal security are critical to businesses as well as consumers. Identity theft costs millions of dollars in damages, countless hours of wasted time and permanently ruins reputations. Not to mention the unmitigated frustration.

Data Recycling NE, Inc. provides complete data disposal for businesses and consumers, including a certificate of complete information destruction. When requested, Data Recycling NE also provides secure hard drive destruction (including shredding and wiping). In addition, Data Recycling NE, Inc. also recycles electronic waste (E-waste), used computers and electronics, cathode ray tubes, and white goods, such as refrigerators, washers & dryers, as well as small appliances and household goods. Formerly, Data Recycling NE, Inc. provided data destruction services for CRT Recycling, Inc.

Items may be delivered to 13 Ridge Hill Rd., Unit #8, Assonet, MA 02702

If you have 10 items or more, we will provide FREE pick-up at your location. 

Contact Us

Monday – Friday:  8am to 4pm

48 Macomber St. Berkley, MA 02779

If you have 10 items or more, we will provide FREE pick-up at your location. 

To Drop Off items for Recycling:
13 Ridge Hill Rd.
Unit #8
Assonet MA 02702


Our Mission

The mission of Data Recycling NE, Inc. is to responsibly and effectively manage your sensitive data, and to do our part to help prevent identity theft. In handling company data or personal documents, protecting your security and privacy is our primary focus. All electronic information and data submitted to Data Recycling NE, Inc. is treated with the utmost care, regardless of whether it was subjected to stringent privacy laws and regulatory requirements.

We are a state-approved, third party vendor that properly disposes of used electronic and computer items along with any remaining cathode-ray-tubes (CRTs). By reusing or reselling used electronic and computer items, we strive to reduce the amount of solid e-waste that reaches the landfill.

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